Meaningful Writing Skills

Revising and Editing

For students who are learning to write, it is vital to teach that writing goes way beyond just getting your thoughts into words on a page. There are other components that need to be considered when writing. Two such components are revising and editing. When students are revising a piece, they are making larger revisions for the meaning and clarity of their writing to be enhanced. When revising, students also share their work with other students in order to improve the quality of their work. Editing is after the revising stage and is focused on the mechanical issues of the writing. In this stage the students will focus on the grammar and have a conference with the teacher in order to finalize the details of the writing.

Sentence Manipulation

Sentence manipulation is when the students take a sentence and unscramble it so that it makes sense. When a student creates a sentence that is not grammatically correct, they can use this strategy in order to find a way to make it work. Sentence structure is something that students struggle with. Because of the changes in clauses and the differences between independent and dependent clauses, students can easily become confused and write an incomplete sentence. When giving the students a chance to mix up their words in order to create a meaningful sentence.


Handwriting is important because students will need to have this skill throughout their lives as a tool for writing. When communicating ideas in messages and formal letters. Even though handwriting is not usually applicable to higher education because of technology, it is vital to be taught as a tool for students. The most important part of handwriting is fluency and legibility. Students still need this skill in the digital age in order to send letters and communicate with others.

2 thoughts on “Meaningful Writing Skills

  1. Hey There! I noticed that you also included a book list for the writing process so i decided to check it out to see if i recognized any of the books. One book in particular was “Arthur, Write a book”. I have always loved reading Arthur books and even watching the show. I think this list provides some good resources for the writing process! I really enjoyed checking out your resources for the writing process such as the grammar posters, book list, and handwriting practice. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great posters! Those would be useful to have in a classroom! Also, I really like the idea of sentence manipulation. I think sentence manipulation is a great way for students to learn how to create more interesting sentences and how to be more creative with words!


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